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Marple Program Email - Monday 9th January

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for letting me know your song choices for this week.

As we have a big taster session planned for the following week (16th) I thought it would be lovely to have a good sing song of the songs that you have been learning recently.

I may tweak bits - please don’t be offended (!!)

It will also give us the chance to have a good catch up too!

Please note that I don’t have any photocopies of music just for this week, although I think you will all have a copy of the songs.

We will sing:

Elton John Medley

Jersey Boys Medley

Billy Joel Medley

I Still Have Faith In You

South Pacific Medley

Sweet Caroline

Daydream Believer

Really looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Have a great weekend,



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