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Marple, Wilmslow and Hale Week Beginning 1st July

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to our small and mighty group who came along to sing at the Happiness, Health and Wellbeing event yesterday.

When we were asked to perform yesterday, I was expecting something on a much grander scale but I do think the poor weather conditions really didn’t help. I did speak briefly to the event organiser and she was also disappointed that we didn’t get a bigger audience. Of course, you all took in in very good spirits and at the very least, I hope you enjoyed the tea and cake.

There is always an element of ‘risk’ when agreeing to perform at public events outside of our own control, but there will always be lots of opportunities that will be a HIT!

I am really looking forward to The Wilmslow Community Show next weekend. We have a nice big choir to perform and this is always really well attended.

If you haven’t yet let me know your availability for this event, please do so asap. :)


Please bring along With A Little Help From My Friends along with Don’t Rain On My Parade and Guys And Dolls. Let’s try and complete Rain on My Parade if we can.

Let’s bring all our Wilmslow Show songs as we will use these for some light relief :)

This Is Me

You’ll Be In My Heart

Billy Joel Medley

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Go The Distance

Mamma Mia


Just a quick reminder to please use to contact me and NOT If anyone has sent me an email over the weekend or the past week to the wrong email address, please resend to the correct email address as the other one is no longer in use. :)

See you all very soon,

Mike :)


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