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Marple, Wilmslow and Hale Week Beginning 20th May…

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have all had a great weekend!! :)

Nothing new to print this week as we will finish finish finish Mamma Mia!!! :)

We will also continue with Guys and Dolls and Don’t Rain On My Parade.

For a sing song, Please bring along all the songs for the upcoming concerts…

John Leigh Park Concert (2nd June) and Wilmslow Show (Sunday 7th July).

Ashley Rose Queen is on the 21st September.

If you haven’t yet let me know your availability for concerts, please PLEASE reply asap. :)

Sing Songs for this week:

This Is Me

You’ll Be In My Heart

Billy Joel Medley

Beauty and The Beast

Go The Distance

Mamma Mia

See you all soon!

Mike :)


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