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Marple, Wilmslow and Hale - Week beginning 25th September...

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great weekend!

Our concert is getting really close so do listen to those tracks! I promise I will send out a final program this week, but please do have a good listen to South Pacific Medley if you are not too familiar as time is running out. :) We shall spend a bit of time on it this week!

I still need to complete Les Mis with Marple, but otherwise, we shall just sing through as much of the concert as we can each week now. :)

Please bring money for Concert day food and also the Rugby Club (£3-5)

It should be a fantastic evening where we will bring everyone together for a great big sing through the entire concert as well as hear our small groups and solos too. :)

This is something I like to do, just to make sure you are all feeling confident before our real concert on the 15th October.

Even if you are not taking part, you would still be very welcome, especially if you are new.

Soloists - please bring your music from this week and if you haven’t yet sent me a PDF copy, please do so!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Mike :)


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