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Milton Keynes Opening!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick one to let you know that all being well, we will be set to return to choir from Tuesday 7th September! We are so excited to get back to singing and we also have a brand new, exceptionally talented Musical Director for us!

We are really sorry to lose Simon as he is a great MD and I know that Harpenden are also sorry to lose him.

Pretty much everything else will remain the same but all of our choirs will now be Term Time only. I will send out exact dates before October Half Term. :)

We are still rehearsing here at our usual time of 7.30pm: Our Token system is due to expire from the end of September but for those of you who have remaining tokens, you can use these up until and including 16th November.

We are doing a big push for new members too, so hopefully we will be in a position to welcome newcomers to our choir too!

Any questions, please do get in touch with me at See you all soon!

Mike :)


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