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Monday 20th February Programme

Hello everyone, hope you're well. Thanks for a great session on Monday. The new material is coming together really nicely. The programme for Monday 20th February will be as follows: 1. On a Clear Day-recap & work through 2. California Dreaming- recap beginning & work through 3. Africa-work through 4. Under the Moon of Love-sing through For all our newcomers, numbers 4 has been previously learnt by the choir so we won't be going though it in detail this session & will just sing though it once but you are of course MORE than welcome to join in! As always, please bring your own music and let me know via by the weekend if you need any songs printing & I can do this for £1 per copy. A reminder to all, that as well as this email and the Facebook page, I always post the programme for the following week on the blog in the members area on the website on a Tuesday (latest Wednesday) so you should also be able to find it there. Look forward to seeing you on a week on Monday. Have a great rest of week :) BW Sufia x


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