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Our Large Concert Plans

This year, we will be inviting you to take part in one of our major concerts at a concert hall with a live band. This concert will take place in November. If you haven't done one of these before, you are in for a treat!

Mike and myself have been busy organising this over the last few weeks. It is always a huge tasks with lots of logistics to solve so it takes a little while to get all the parts in place :)

But we are there now so I wanted to let you know that it is coming!

I don't have a specific date for you in this email; that will come over the coming days as we email all the choirs separately with information specific to your choir.

If you are a soloist (or wouild like to be), there will be an opportunity to sing a solo with the band.

It has been a few years since we have been able to do this for obvious reasons, but now it's time to show the world what we can do again!

So, as I say, we will be in touch very soon will a lot more information.



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