Hi everyone! Next week is the big week! I can't wait to see you all. We are expecting quite a few new people too so it should be a fun session We will be singing "The Rose" and "Under The Moon of Love". I know that some of you will already know these from the online sessions so here is your chance to hear it live (and show off a bit maybe!). If you usually rely on me for sheet music, in order to keep admin duties to a minimum, please can you arrange to get your own photocopies. For those that don't know them, and all of those that will be coming for the first time, they will be terrific songs to learn. We will also sing a couple of songs that we all know! These will be FIELDS OF GOLD and BRING HIM HOME If you haven't yet re-joined on our new termly system, please visit You might also like to see our FAQ members page See you next week! Andrew PS If you are not re-joining, please excuse the email as we don't yet have a clear picture of who is a member and who isn't. We will know this next week and of course delete any non members from our lists.

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