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Rubgy Program WB JAN30

Hi everyone. I missed being with you tonight but it looks like you had a great session with Emma. Here’s her message to you all:

Hey you lovely lot! Thanks for another wonderful rehearsal and as always making me feel so welcome 🥰 Even though we had a few people missing we still covered a lot of ground and made a great noise too!! You guys have to lead the way showing the rest of the gang how they end of “I Can See Clearly Now” goes… I’m looking at you squeaky tops on that last bar 😂 All those bloody rogue “do”s as well… we will crack it!!! Love the conviction, we just need to get it in the right place! Great work everyone, genuinely had such fun and hope you did too, and hope you learned a bit more or at least solidified what you’ve already done. Thank you so much and I’ll see you next time! Xxxxx




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