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Session postponed JUNE 27

Dear ^f1^

Unfortunately, we will have to postpone tonight’s session. A new session has been added to the diary to make up for this. I am so sorry!

Jonathan informed us today that he is no longer available tonight due to illness. I have spent the day trying to find last minute cover but have had no success. I know this is not at all ideal as you are rehearsing for a concert.

I would have come down myself but I just can’t make that work either due to the huge distance involved.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies. Days like this are not easy; especially when a solution isn’t found. It’s isn’t something I just write off with an “Oh well”, it pains me immensely to appear to be unreliable! All we can do for now though is to add an extra week to the diary to cover the lost session (I might even offer an extra evening in the same week if we can make that work; bit it won’t be this week).

I hope you have a good evening despite this. We are living in such strange times at the moment aren’t we?



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