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Solihull and Sutton

Hi all!

It was great to welcome so many tasters last week and I look forward to seeing many of you as new members this week! Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and helpful, it was a great session!

We have a few more tasters joining us this week, so the rehearsal will run in a similar way, continuing work on the two new songs and then a sing through at the end! So please bring:

I can see clearly now

With a little help from my friends

The prayer

Really looking forward to it!

Best wishes,


PS I have added some info below that new members may find helpful!

· you can attend any Magic Voices choirs as well as well as the one you joined. - this is included in your membership.

· all sheet music can be downloaded from the website - - we always advise to print off the full score rather than your individual part so you can see what the other parts are doing, or you can use an ipad

· if you don't feel that your harmony section is right for your range, please feel free to wander round to find the part that suits you best

· all the individual harmonic parts can be accessed from the members area on the website and downloaded onto your favourite media for you to practise on your own

· there are a number of performances you can take part in with the choir each year. One is centrally organised by the Magic Voices office and our choir directors usually organize the rest. Please feel free to give us any ideas for venues etc (uniform for ladies is anything black with a splash of red/red accessories and for men, white shirts/black trousers/red ties or bow ties)

· all musical arrangements are exclusive and bespoke to Magic Voices as they are written by our founder Andy Rumble

· each choir has a Facebook page which you can join

· You will receive a "programme email" every week in advance of the session telling you what we will be singing so you can get your music ready. This will be copied to the Facebook page and the Magic Voices blog on the website

· Mostly, each session will begin with an opener and a closer from the choir's "back catalogue" as per the above list. You can print off the music as and when you need it, or do the entire above list!!!

· Contact email addresses:, or for membership/subs queries and your choir director for choir related matters

Rehearsals are termly (mostly) and the calendar is in the Members Area of the website


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