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Solihull/Sutton 26/27th Jan 22

Dear lovely MV Midlands!

We're carrying on with:

SOUTH PACIFIC MEDLEY which has gone really well so far, we're about a third of the way through after just two weeks.

And we'll sing through I STILL HAVE FAITH IN YOU as we finished that off last week; I'm sure there'll still be a few insecure bars, but we'll fix these as we go.

And finally can you bring along A WHOLE NEW WORLD as I've promised we'll make a proper start on that for the last two weeks.

Then, for a bit of fun, let's have:


Well done again for a great couple of weeks. And for anyone who wasn't present last week, I've entered us for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games; whether we are picked or what this actually entails is unknown at the moment. But as soon as I hear anything, you'll hear from me!

Also, please do remember that you can find this info. on the Program Blog if you don't receive an email for any reason :)

See you all very soon,



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