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Sutton 16th Dec and MEAL!

Dear all,

I'm so excited to see you all tomorrow, sorry this email is a little late; it's been a very busy week so far.

Don't forget we kick off at 7:00 tomorrow evening, we rehearse for 45 minutes, and then we're heading over to the Horse and Jockey for 8:00. Heads up, too, that the school car park may be locked before we leave the meal so finding yourselves some alternate parking might be a good idea.

I gave you a slightly rushed end to last week's rehearsal, so this time we're going to actually cover all the notes for AINT NO MOUNTAIN, and give it a really good sing (Highs, we can stand up the whole time!). And then with the rest of the rehearsal, let's re-learn and sing the gorgeous COLOURS OF THE WIND that we didn't have time for last week.

Have a lovely day, and I shall see you all on Thursday!



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