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Sutton Coldfield 28th September

Morning everyone!

Great to see you last Thursday! I found it to be a really productive session. We went through a good number of arrangements, and I was really pleased to see that they’re all in a fantastic place! Well done!

Time wasn’t on our side again, and so we didn’t spend as much time on Fiddler as we’d planned, but we did get ever so slightly further with the Rich Man section! We’ve now covered bars 244-251 which went really well. If you’ve got the deedle daidle digguh dums (which you do!) then you’ve got a big chunk of it, because they stay the same throughout. We’ll continue with this next week, so do be having a practice of this before then.

Having covered a chunk of the proposed arrangements for the upcoming concert this week, and another few in our first session of term two weeks ago, we’ll cover the rest next week. They are:

  • Mister Blue Sky

  • South Pacific

  • Bring Him Home

  • Oliver

  • Phantom of the Opera

  • With a little help from my friends

  • Fiddler (to continue the Rich Man section).

Have a good week, and see you on Thursday!



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