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Hi Apples

Address for Saturday is:

Tatton Farm (NOT Tatton Hall or Tatton Park), Ashley Road, Knutsford WA16 6QJ.

This postcode should take you straight to the gate - if not, keep going!

You can park in the farmyard, but there isn't that much room, so please lift share as much as possible.

Just tell the staff at the entrance that you're in the choir and they will let you through.

Please be there 10 minutes before your first set at 1pm. You will be finished by 3pm.

Dress warmly - we are under cover but it is a stable, so no heating! AND festively!

Please have all your music in the right order - there were too many members at rehearsal shuffling music around, or who were sharing copies because they didn't have their own!

if there are any gents or lows who can come for the morning sets, that would be much appreciated by the Maccers - they start at 10.30 and finish at 12.20.

Thanks so much for all the love (and prezzies!) on Monday night everyone.

See you on Saturday!

Andrew x


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