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Telford 31st January

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great session with Ged. I hear it was a little ‘breakneck speed’ at times. Sorry about that! I will ask him to slow down a little next time! :)

This week, we will continue with Dirty Dancing Medley and You Raise Me Up.

For a Sing Song this week, please can you bring along Beautiful Medley (If you are a New Member - you are welcome to bring this too, or just have a listen. But you are not expected to learn it :) It can be printed from the website in the Members’ Area, but please know that you are welcome to just have a listen to this.

I will send a separate email for all our new members with some hints and tips…just so that you can get the best from your membership. :)

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!

Mike :)


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