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Telford Choir - 7th February

Hi everyone!

Great session last week!

This will be my final week off for a good while now (I promise). We are opening 2 new choirs this week so I will be in Loughborough on Tuesday and Kings Norton on Wednesday.

Ged will be leading the session. I will ask him to be more gentle on the keyboard and with the tracks as well as going a lot slower this week.

I realise I have been away a little recently. This is the last week for a good while.

Lovely progress with the start of the Dirty Dancing Medley last week!!

Please bring that along, as well as You Raise Me Up.

Please can you also bring along Scarborough Fair/Sound Of Silence so you can make a start on this too. This is a BRILLIANT arrangement of the Simon and Garfunkel song!

I will send copies to Ged for those of you who need it.

Have a great session and I will see you next week!

Mike :)


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