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Thursday 27th January

Hi lovely people,

Given that we are due to start a new song this week having finished Why We Sing and Africa I've been contemplating the planning for the next couple of months.

I’m trying to sort a performance bringing Cheadle and Congleton together in March! I don’t think either choirs will have South Pacific up to performance standard by then so spending rehearsal time on this is potentially not what we should be doing leading up to said performance. Instead I think we start two brand new pieces which we are likely to finish by the concert (Cheadle know Lion King well but are starting REACH fresh alongside you this week). We WILL do South Pacific again so there’s no wasted time or paper having started it! It’s a tricky business trying to bring the two choir repertoires inline with each other…we’ll get there, as it’s such a positive having two choirs that come together to form a massive choir. I Hope this is ok guys.

SO…here’s what I want to do on Thursday! With the two new songs first on the list so you can print off or I will have spares for £1.

Reach (for the stars)

Lion King Medley

Also bring along:


Why We Sing

Les Mis



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