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Wilmslow 22nd March

Hi Everyone!! I’m really looking forward to getting back singing this week! Honestly, my body went pretty much into full shut down with exhaustion. A huge thanks to Paul and Ged for covering my sessions last week :) This week, please can you bring along our concert items? As it is getting close, it would be good to sing through as much as we can to see where the work is needed. :) Alan might have mentioned that I am running to raise money for Ukrainian children with diabetes who are not getting insulin. Obviously this is something close to my heart and so I am doing a 10K run with my local club to help raise the funds., If you would like to sponsor me, here is the link to donate: Have a great weekend abs can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday! Soloists, do you fancy coming down around 6.30-6.45pm for a run through? Mike :)


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