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Wilmslow - Tuesday 9th August…

Hi everyone!!

To those of you who came to Wilmslow, thanks for an AMAZING session again last night!!

A big shout out to the Sopranos as you had a big job with some of the final sections of From a Distance!!

It sounds beautiful and a huge well done to everyone!!!

WHAT a sound we are making at the moment and let’s keep driving forward towards our RNCM concert! First one in ages!!

Next week:

Lion King

From a Distance

Summer Holiday

West Side

Sweet Caroline.

Let’s get these songs done!! 🙂

By the way, After our chat last night…I have posted in Wilmslow Community as well as the Wilmslow Hub on Facebook.

If you are a member of these groups, please do send me some love and comment. 🙂

If you are members of any other community groups, please do let me know and I will join/ send out flyers/ post.

Have a great week and for those of you who are coming to Hale, see you soon!



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