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Ever been told that you can't sing? Read on...

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Have you ever wanted to join a choir but never felt you are good enough or your voice isn’t strong enough? Maybe when you were at school, a teacher once told you that you can't sing and that has really stuck with you?

You only have to reflect back to your own school days to remember the impact of our teachers' influence. In my own time as a teacher, it was no coincidence that nearly all of my 'straight A' students also thrived outside of the curriculum and had a wonderful time in high school. Their school life was filled with extra curricular clubs, friendships and good relationships with their teachers. All in all they would say that their experience was very positive. Like I say, this link between being happy, confident and achieving great examination results is no coincidence.

A bad relationship with a teacher has the power to negatively impact our sense of prestige, self belief and confidence in ways that many of us continue to carry into adulthood. Educators would do well to remember the power they hold over their students. It was certainly something I never took for granted as a High School teacher.

Some Teach and Some Inspire

Consider for a moment all the things that we are passionate about or inspire us… How many of us can say “It all started with a teacher back in school...”

I was one of the lucky ones.

I had an amazing Music teacher who not only provided me with the fundamentals of how to play the piano, she also taught me that 'anyone can sing'. Yes, even me! She was an inspirational, passionate teacher who loved to be in the classroom and really got excited by those 'lightbulb' moments she teased out of her students. A rare breed! An exceptional teacher who was morally guided by her belief that everyone must shine and feel included.

As school pupils, we all had a place in her classroom and was treated as musicians regardless of our ability. I would leave her classroom often feeling like Pavarotti or Elton John at the piano. As a result of this, everyone thrived and her examination results were simply through the roof.

I particularly enjoyed how I was treated in her singing lessons. She would often exclaim that if you are going to sound like a cat being strangle that cat well and good!!...but enjoy it! (Disclaimer - strangling the cat won't make you a better singer, but you get my point!)

Her room was covered with motivational quotes such as:

We all thrive in different ways but not everyone is as fortunate to have enjoyed musical success like my class back in 1989.

Having been a student in Mrs Waters' classroom back in the 80's has been fundamental to my own success as a musician and has prepared me well for my job as choir director for Magic Voices. I honestly feel that I have the best job in the world as I get to share my time with our wonderful local community and make great music and sing fantastic songs and medleys, all prepared by a West End Musical Director and conductor. We get to sing songs especially prepared for us and this means that no other choir sounds like us!

Many new members who walk through the door, continue to let me know that they haven't sang in a choir since they were at school. Some, of course, will have had lots of choral experience and occasionally, someone will tell me that they were told NOT to sing in the school choir and must only mime. With such a strong focus on elitism in music these days, not all of us have the confidence to know our own worth. The good news is...Everyone is Welcome!

Have you ever wanted to be part of a musical group or choir but don't know where to start? There IS a simple solution...

May be you have been looking for a new hobby that gives you back a little ‘you time’?

Magic Voices are a series of inclusive community choirs based all around the U.K where literally everybody is welcome no matter how inexperienced (or experienced) you may be.

Having fun and sharing a joke whilst learning to sing is what we value and this has led to unimaginable experiences such as recording albums at Abbey Road Studios in London:

or getting to perform at a professional concert hall like the Royal Northern in Manchester. We even sing online from the comfort of our own homes:

We are always recruiting members and we have a nice big hall to rehearse in.

If you are looking for something new, or you are just in need of some time to do something for you, why not give us a try and register for a free taster session here:

Or if you have any questions, you can email me at

What are you waiting for? Do something for YOU!


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