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Harpenden 13th May

Hey everyone.Apologies for not getting this out sooner. A very heavy show week, combined with my getting covid (I'm all better now!)and a health scare for my other half has meant I just haven't had a second to sit downand cover my admin.As per my previous message, we're finishing off the Rose and Phantom tomorrow. I'd also like us to start on a cut of the wonderful Carpenters medley. Starting from page 11at b145 from the men's entrance up to the end so don't print the whole thing off!

For the sing along, let's do Bridge over troubled water please!Thank you for your availability emails and Whatsapp poll. Looks like both the Sept and Christmasconcerts will be well attended which is fab.Details for Sept are to follow soon. I'm sorting the final bits out as we speak!See you all tomorrow!BestArtie


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