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Harpenden Monday 6th February Programme

Hello everyone, hope you had a great session with Artemis. The programme for Monday 6th February will be as follows

1. I Can See Clearly Now-Tidy & finish 2. On a Clear Day-Work through 3. With A Little Help From MyFriends-Tidy & finish 4. Jersey Boys-Sing Through & Recap, if time! As always, please bring your own music and let me know via by the weekend if you need any songs printing & I can do this for £1 per copy. A reminder to all, that as well as this email and the Facebook page, I always post the programme for the following week on the blog in the members area on the website on a Tuesday so you should also be able to find it there. Look forward to seeing you on a week on Monday. Have a great rest of week :) BW Sufia x


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