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Leamington 09/08/2022

Hi Everyone, we were a bit thin on the ground last night (only 3 sopranos), but we still managed to enjoy ourselves and have a good time. Please do your best to join us on the 9th as we only have 3 more rehearsals before the gig on the 10th of September.

Here is the list of songs in concert order. Please get practising with the rehearsal tracks on the MV website.

  1. Downtown

  2. Beautiful Medley

  3. A Million Dreams

  4. South Pacific Medley

  5. Bridge Over Troubled Water

  6. The Sound of Music Medley

  7. Ain't No Mountain High Enough

  8. Phantom Medley

As soon as I get more details from the organiser I will pass them on.

David. xx


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