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Leamington, Sutton, Solihull programme

Dear all,

Thanks for a great first week back, despite some hiccups...!

Leamington and Solihull we're on as usual in our brand new halls, and Sutton we're back at the Girls Grammar school for good; hooray! Thanks to everyone for being so patient and helpful.

For this week we're sticking with our normal times (Leamington 8pm, Solihull, 730pm, Sutton 8pm), but many people seemed keen to make the sessions 730pm for Leamington and Sutton too; we'll have a brief chat about this at our respective rehearsals this week! Feel free to send me an email ( if you have any thoughts about this.

We'll continue with: UNDER THE MOON OF LOVE, and THE ROSE to finish off, and we'll also cover THIS IS WHY WE SING and PART OF YOUR WORLD for a bit of fun too :)

Have a great few days, and I'll see you all very soon!



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