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Marple, Wilmslow and Hale - Week Beginning 13/5/24

Marple, Wilmslow and Hale Week Beginning 13th May…


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the confusion but our session will still go ahead this evening as well as the rest of the week as planned.

For those of you who don’t know yet, I have had food poisoning. Not something I have ever had before and the side effects have been nothing short of fascinating(!!) :)

Honestly, I am not quite 100% yet but well on the way to recovery. Anyway, we have concerts to prepare for! :)

We also have only 3 sessions remaining before the John Leigh Park Concert (2nd June) and 8 weeks to go to the Wilmslow Show (Sunday 7th July).

Ashley Rose Queen is on the 21st September.

Please can you let me know your availability for each of these concerts by replying to this email?

If you are new to this, just let me know which section you sing with (High, Mid Low) and your availability by replying Yes or No to each of the concerts.

No need for any explanation if you can’t attend. :)

All concerts are optional and if you are totally new, you are still welcome to come along and sing. Even if you just sing the main tunes. If you are not yet comfortable to do this, that is also fine. Everyone joins in the concerts only when they are ready. :) No pressure what so ever really.

Right… See you all later! You are all welcome to come along to any sessions you like, as you know.

Please bring all songs for the concerts as well as what we have been learning - Guys and Dolls and Don’t Rain On My Parade.

We will definitely use Beauty and The Beast for the first concert instead of Rain on My Parade as time is ticking on. Please bring this also.

If anyone needs anything printing, Please do let me know.

Best wishes,

Mike :)


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